Hortons Creek Bridge on Armidale road has been completely destroyed by fire.
Hortons Creek Bridge on Armidale road has been completely destroyed by fire.

Destroyed homes hit triple figures

Community begins to count cost as ash settles in Clarence Valley.

THE number of homes destroyed by fire in the Clarence Valley has hit triple figures as council count cost of infrastructure damage.

With 67% of the LGA having been assessed by Building Impact Assessment teams the number of homes lost in the current bushfire emergency stands at 100.

The figures, obtained from Clarence Valley Council, paint a bitter-sweet picture of the situation so far, with the huge losses countered by the houses which have remained untouched.

The BIA teams have so far listed 100 houses destroyed, two facilities destroyed and 181 out buildings destroyed, with 33 houses, 3 facilities and 97 outbuildings damaged.

321 homes were listed as untouched along with 27 facilities and 373 outbuildings, indicating the losses could have been significantly higher.

There has also been significant damage to infrastructure, the extent of which is listed in the agenda for tomorrow's council meeting.

The documents stated the most significant damage was confined to the northern and southern areas of the LGA and concerned mostly road and drainage infrastructure.

More than 100km of signage, delineator posts and crash barriers have been destroyed and in need of replacing and already four bridges have been assessed as destroyed.

They are the Kangaroo Creek Road, No. 4 Bridge, Armidale road at Hortons Creek, Ramornie Station road at Brickmakers Creek and the 47 metre long Armidale road bridge at Clouds Creek has been badly damaged and is "likely to be irreparable".

A further two bridges have sustained damage and it is unknown whether they can be repaired.