Donald Trump is struggling in the polls against Hillary Clinton.
Donald Trump is struggling in the polls against Hillary Clinton. Evan Vucci

Deputy Mayor won't get to vote, but confident of Clinton win

DEPUTY Mayor George Seymour has missed out on his chance to vote for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but says he strongly believes she will defeat Donald Trump at next month's election.

The Fraser Coast councillor tried to renew his enrolment in order to lodge a postal vote in New Mexico for the election, but was told he had narrowly missed the deadline.

Cr Seymour, who holds British, American and, since 2003, Australian citizenship, moved Down Under with his family when he was 14 years old.

He first voiced his views regarding Trump in June and said his opinion of the Republican candidate has not changed.

But Cr Seymour said New Mexico wasn't likely to need his vote, with the Democratic candidate holding a firm lead in the state.

He said he was hopeful of seeing victory for Clinton.

Cr Seymour has previously criticised Trump's divisive nature and reiterated his views, describing Trumps as "bizarre".

"You couldn't dream this up," he said.

Meanwhile the two candidates again traded blows in the third and final presidential debate, held yesterday in Nevada.

The Trump campaign has faltered in recent weeks, with a video showing Trump bragging about groping women and several women coming forward alleging he had sexually assaulted them.

Trump has denied the claims.

With less than three weeks to go until the election, Clinton has surged 11 points ahead, according to a Wall Street Journal survey, leaving Trump trailing with 37% of the vote to her 48%.

The election will be held on November 8.