Depressed veteran busted on meth behind the wheel

AN Ipswich magistrate has warned a military veteran not to mix anti-depressants with other drugs after he was convicted of drug driving.

Grant Edward Weier, 31, of Killarney pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to a charge of driving while a relevant drug is present.

At 7.40pm on April 6, he was driving on Borallon Correctional Centre Access Rd, Ironbark where police were conducting roadside tests.

Weier was detained after testing positive for a illegal substance and a subsequent saliva test confirmed it to be methylamphetamine.

The court heard Weier had been medically discharged, was unemployed and on a veterans pension.

He said he suffered from both physical and mental injuries and was on anti-depressant drugs.

"I'm sure you've got better things to spend your limited income on... than this rubbish," Magistrate David Shepherd said.

Weier was fined $400 and disqualified from driving for four months.

A conviction was recorded.