DIGGING IN: Ebenezer Employment and Training trainer Keith Frankish and student Norm Larden achieve positive outcomes.
DIGGING IN: Ebenezer Employment and Training trainer Keith Frankish and student Norm Larden achieve positive outcomes. Cordell Richardson

Demand for mine workers remains strong

DEMAND remains stronger than ever for the services of mining and civil construction industry specialist business trainer Ebenezer Employment and Training.

"Civil construction work continues to be required but we are skilling a lot of people for the Adani mine project. In fact, our business is about 80 per cent geared towards mining - the industry is going strong," business manager Allan Tierney said.

Ebenezer Employment and Training directors John Swain and Tim Gillam started the business. The company has operated for 11 years.

"They used to work out of the Ebenezer coal mine and then turned that into a landfill operation. When they bought the gear for the landfill, they had a lot of inquiries about training on the equipment. This birthed the business," Mr Tierney said.

"When the business started out, it was Bobcats; now every type of machine is available. A $6 million investment in equipment shows the commitment. It is unique, it is one of two operations in Queensland where you can get trained on the mine site."

It is this hands-on approach and the solid training that sets Ebenezer Employment and Training apart.

"It is working in real jobs on a real site. We get businesses like BHP and Rio Tinto visiting and using our facilities for training," Mr Tierney said.

"We train people for what is known as the Standard 11 - it is a two-day course. We offer this in Toowoomba, Ipswich, Brisbane, and on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. This is what they must have to work in either the civil construction or mining industry," he said.

With the establishment of the Adani mine, the railway line will feed four other mines. Mr Tierney said this will continue the demand for training.

"Our courses are face-to-face delivery. It is really important to be hands-on in this industry. There are 'cowboy' training businesses in the market, and people need to checkout what they are getting," Mr Tierney said.

"Some of our courses are over five days. Other trainers will offer this in one day. You cannot compress this knowledge to that level. We offer one-on-one training; it is not a class approach. This way people are well trained."

Ebenezer Employment and Training offers training in haul truck, grader, roller, excavator, front end loader, backhoe, skid steer, dozer, forklift, water truck, light vehicle, and four-wheel-drive.

"The working site is invaluable as those training get to understand the realities of a site, and the workplace health and safety realities," Mr Tierney said.

"We get people who have done training in the past and we can work with them to gain recognition of prior learning. Others try to avoid the training, but there are no shortcuts."

Ebenezer Employment and Training has a solid level of bookings and encourages people to make contact to book in.

It is an Australian-owned and privately operated construction and mining training provider. It has extensive knowledge in the civil construction and mining industries that translates to teaching and training.

Checkout details at www.eeat.com.au or call on 1800092568.