Delays in disability care take heavy toll

I've been on a disability for just over a year now.

My condition is severe depression with schizophrenia and also bulging discs in my back and neck and bakers cysts in my knees.

I just got accepted for my second funding of NDIS which is a little bit more but for the amount of money, the help you get is just non existent.

From June 2020 I was notified by the NDIS that I would get my funding for extra transport, so that when I don't have a carer I could access funding each fortnight.

Instead I have to pay for a cab because I am yet to receive transport funding that was supposed to have arrived more than seven months ago.

I feel frustrated hurt and also have anxiety and this has impacted on my behaviour.

I am afraid to speak up and my mother and auntie have had to help me.

My previous NDIS provider did not help me at all, and I paid for her services while she did nothing. She did this for 6 months.

A physiotherapist comes to my home and I receive some help from a psychiatrist and a good support worker who support me emotionally.

I'm currently waiting for some fixtures for the home too. Funding was approved in December last year and I'm sick of tired of excuses.

What about others and what help are they getting it any. I want my voice heard so people don't go through what I have gone through, thank you kindly. 

Ingrid Iama

North Booval