Plans for a $400 million waste to energy plant at Swanbank.
Plans for a $400 million waste to energy plant at Swanbank. Contributed

Defiant state responds to thousands opposing incinerator

PLANS for a $400 million waste-to-energy plant at Swanbank will progress despite more than 4000 petitioning against it.

The plant, proposed by Remondis - one of the world's largest waste management operators - is likely to secure state government support through the Office of the Co-ordinator General.

A petition was started by East Ipswich resident Dr Conny Turni after plans for the facility were released earlier this year.

Dr Turni and more than 4000 petitioners called on the State Government to reject any future proposal for an incinerator in Ipswich or Queensland.

She argues the Swanbank facility will be built too close to urban areas and says there is uncertainty about how it will affect air quality and the risk to human health.

No formal proposal or details about the plant's operation has been lodged with the State Government.

Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard said the proper process would still be followed if and when Remondis lodges a project proposal with the government.

"There will be an opportunity for public consultation," she said.

Ms Howard said the project would need to stack up against high environmental and health assessments.

"Terminology can be used to incite a certain reaction from people," she said of the petition.

"I believe the company have every right to put their proposal forward - they want to invest $400 million in Ipswich.

"It will go through rigorous environmental impact assessments and other assessments and I'll rely on the outcome of those assessments."

Remondis says no waste from New South Wales is dumped at its existing Swanbank landfill site.

The company said the waste-to-energy plant will not require additional waste streams and instead divert existing waste to recovered energy.