FUTURE: Councillor David Pahlke reflects on the Local Government Minister's choice to keep or dismiss the Ipswich City Council.
FUTURE: Councillor David Pahlke reflects on the Local Government Minister's choice to keep or dismiss the Ipswich City Council. Cordell Richardson

Defiant Pahlke declares to minister he 'would win again'

ONE of the State Government's key reasons for dismissing the Ipswich City Council has been challenged by long-serving councillor David Pahlke.

Cr Pahlke, who represents Division 10, took aim at Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk's assertion that "the people of Ipswich have lost confidence in their city council".

Local Government Minister Stirling Hinchliffe followed Ms Palaszczuk and said it was time to act "when a community loses faith in its elected leaders, as is the case in Ipswich".

In an extract of his submission to the State Government about why he, and 10 colleagues, should keep their jobs, Cr Pahlke said residents still supported him.

"If an election was held now, I believe I would win," he said.

"I believe I still have the support and trust of the majority of my residents that I require to get elected."

After serving on the Moreton Shire Council, the colourful Rosewood character became part of Ipswich at the 1995 amalgamation.

"I have faced my residents eight times; 1991, 1994, 1995, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016," he recalled.

"Except for the first election in 1991 where I won by less than 20 votes, statistics will show that I have soundly won the other seven."


Councillor David Pahlke reflects on his upcoming sacking.
Councillor David Pahlke in his Rosewood office. Cordell Richardson

In an attempt to prove his popularity, Cr Pahlke cited the response on his Facebook page to revelations on May 4 his job was in jeopardy.

"I received 200 likes, a record for my site, and 90 comments - 88 of them positive and supportive," he said.

"I ask that you please read them. I am humbled that my residents are still overwhelmingly supportive of myself as the divisional councillor.

"I have received so many emails, text messages, and Facebook messages of support, that I am honoured to say that my community still supports me."

Cr Pahlke has arguably received the most public support from residents since Mr Hinchliffe's show-cause notice.

The Pine Mountain Progress Association and Willowbank Area Resident's Group both supported the councillor's work.

Despite the public backing, Cr Pahlke has started getting papers together in his cluttered Rosewood office if the minister does move to dismiss him.

Cr Pahlke moved to Rosewood in 1985 and became deputy postmaster at Ipswich.

Mr Hinchliffe will make a decision on the council's future before June 22.