TRIAL: Luke Michael Turnbull will stand trial in the Bundaberg Supreme Court accused of murdering Landon Delinecort on November 27.
TRIAL: Luke Michael Turnbull will stand trial in the Bundaberg Supreme Court accused of murdering Landon Delinecort on November 27. Bronish.RachelM[PSBAMED]

Defence claims $200 drug debt sparked fatal fight

THE defence for a man accused of murder claims a $200 drug debt fuelled the altercation that left Landon Delinecort with fatal stab wounds.

On Tuesday, Luke Michael Turnbull, 36, appeared in court for the first time since his arrest and was committed to the Bundaberg Supreme Court to stand trial in relation to the November 27 incident.

During the committal hand-up in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court, five witnesses were cross examined including Landon's father, Calvin Delinecort, and brother Brock Delinecort.


COMMITAL HAND-UP: Witness Brock Delinecort (right) and been cross examined during a commital hand-up into the murder of his brother Landon Delinecort (left). Luke Michael Turnbull case been committed to the Supreme Court to stand trial accused of the murder. Photo Facebook
Victim Landon Delinecort (left) and brother Brock Delinecort (right), who was in the witness box on Tuesday. Contributed


Defence barrister Saul Holt suggested to Calvin that he had repeatedly phoned Turnbull during the day to try and recover some of the $200 drug debt Turnbull owed after he received a point of methamphetamine two weeks prior from both Calvin and Brock.

Mr Holt put it to Calvin that he and Landon gathered together weapons - a pocket knife, two poles or sticks and an axe - to give Mr Turnbull a "flogging" when he arrived at the house because he thought Turnbull was being smart about the money owned.

The allegations were denied by Calvin.

"I give him a lend of $200 for food and he said he'd give it back in a couple of weeks," he said.

"I was just looking to have a quiet afternoon.

"I was surprised he even turned up."

Mr Holt went on to ask Calvin if he was aware children present at the Cummins Rd house had given witness statements claiming they saw Landon with a pocket knife.

Mr Holt also referred to the witness statement of Landon's girlfriend, Mikaela Atkins, who said when Turnbull turned up on his motorbike he handed over $180 but Landon argued it wasn't enough.

"Landon says 'Come on c***, let's go'. The person holding the knife initially was Landon," Mr Holt suggested.

"No it wasn't. Landon was a placid boy," Calvin said.

Brock Delinecourt told the court that he coincidently came across the altercation out the front of his dad's house while driving to get food.

Brock said he initially forgot to tell police he got out of his car and hit Turnbull three times extremely hard to the head with a foot-long metal torch while Turnbull was on the ground grappling with Landon, but amended his statement two months later to included those details.

The matter will be heard in the Bundaberg Supreme Court, at a date yet to be set.