Deebing Creek protest is expected to kick off again today.
Deebing Creek protest is expected to kick off again today. Cordell Richardson

Protesters' plan to evade police, retake Deebing Creek site

PROTESTERS have devised a plan to evade a police blockade and retake their sacred Deebing Creek mission site.

Officers have blocked the road entrance to the mission and will forcibly remove anybody on the site, it is understood.

A message sent to Yuggera Ugarapul Tribal Elders suggests protesters trek through kilometres of bushland and sneak around a police blockade.

They plan to get dropped on the Centenary Highway and walk through bush into the camp.

Protesters are settling in with Elders requesting marquees, water, ice, placards and posters to be brought to the site for another day of demonstration.


An immediate call to action was sent to Yuggera Ugarapul people at the height of Wednesday's protests, asking for "people prepared to be arrested" to attend the site.

Private security guards, police and CFMEU officials clashed after Frasers Property requested protesters be removed from the site yesterday.

Back up was called when opposition to the eviction ramped up in the early afternoon.

Legal argy bargy between the Yuggera Ugarapul people and the developers Frasers Property late last month and a petition calling for an inquiry into the sale of the Deebing Creek mission were the tinderbox the volatile situation needed to spark.

This morning elders said "the fight continues", setting the scene for another day of tension at Deebing Creek.