ARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys. Picture: Nikki Short
ARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys. Picture: Nikki Short

Decisive leader lifts NRL hopes as Jets support city

HAVING a leader with a successful record gives Western Corridor bid chief Steve Johnson added cause for optimism that NRL expansion would occur.

Although having no major previous dealings with the ARL Commission chairman Peter V’landys, Johnson said he was clearly a man who knows his business.

“Everyone has always spoken very highly of him and he’s always been a very decisive person,’’ Johnson said.

“He started by rescuing the dead beast that was harness racing. He did the impossible with that and he’s got better from there.

“His whole background is sports administration from a young age through the racing industry but it’s obviously put him in good stead with powerful people.

“When you’ve got a decisive person who has the ability to listen and make good decisions and then back them up with action, you have a good leader.’’

Meanwhile Johnson said the Jets players were ready to help the local league competition should competition be restarted with other community sport in July.

Johnson said his players were eager to maintain their proud reputation of helping the region by being available to join Rugby League Ipswich competition teams.

He said the players were prepared to play in a competition for free this year for the fans and sponsors. But when the statewide series was abandoned, focus turned to the RLI competition.

“Keiron (Jets head coach Keiron Lander) has talked to them and said if they want, they can go back and play in the local league,’’ Johnson said.

The Jets chairman said the Ipswich Intrust Super Cup franchise was also planning some academies for senior players once cleared to resume under eased coronavirus restrictions.

“We’ve just got to do something a bit different this year,’’ Johnson said. “But we’ll do what’s best for the senior team and the game in the city, and our players are 100 per cent behind us with that.

“Whatever happens, we’ll be making a good contribution to Ipswich.’’