Queensland Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington in parliament.
Queensland Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington in parliament.

Deb’s rage against the machine

GYMPIE'S Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien has blasted the faceless men of Queensland politics after the LNP's elected representatives unanimously backed the leadership of Deb Frecklington.

Gympie region's western MP, Mrs Frecklington was keen to change the subject in media interviews, as she tried to turn attention back to issues which could help the LNP win this year's election.

Mr O'Brien had no sympathy for the people Mrs Frecklington called the "back room boys," saying the rule of "Faceless men" was the way the ALP was run.

The man accused of leaking the polling which shows the LNP has a battle ahead, LNP president Dave Hutchinson, is said to have been working with former president Bruce McIver and former premier Campbell Newman.

Mr Hutchinson and Mr McIver have refused to comment and Mr Newman said his involvement was only that of a "media commentator" who said the LNP team had to improve or Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk would win another term.

An important element of the party's difficulty seems to be that donors are holding back, believing the LNP cannot win.

Part of Mr Hutchinson's problem, now that the heat is back on him is that he has left open the possibility of leaving his job to help a Clive Palmer campaign.

Meanwhile, Frecklington supporters have questioned the existence of the polling allegedly leaked by Mr Hutchinson.

Although some party members have questioned an apparently disastrous Sunday Mail interview in which Mrs Frecklington criticised Ms Palaszczuk's fashion sense, others say Mr Hutchinson's leaking has been at least as disastrous.

In an interview with Brisbane 4BC announcer Neil Breen, Mrs Frecklington downplayed the issue and tried to steer the interview towards issues like the economy and her "no new taxes" pledge.

"The LNP's economic plan for Queensland would make Queensland the "powerhouse state," she said.

The party's plan was "far reaching and ambitious" and she accused Labor of introducing "nine new taxes."

Mr O'Brien described Mrs Frecklington as "a strong, capable leader."

"She's from regional Queensland, understands the needs of our communities and will deliver a competent government that is not chained to union influences," he said.

He rejected "faceless men" in control and said this was the way the ALP was run.