Dean Edwards
Dean Edwards Jonathan Wallis

Dean's old man thought he was 'mad' when he bought a truck

IT IS always such a pleasure to get off the ferry at Devonport and head for home and be in Tasmania again.

It was also a pleasure to run into our old mate Dean Edwards, from Flowerdale, when he pulled in to the Caltex at Sassafras to fuel up.

He was driving his 2017 T-909 with a 550 Cummins up front at the time and towing a triaxle drop deck trailer with a 'No Till' drill on the back which he had picked up at Table Cape and was taking to Hagley.

"I started out life as a boilermaker, building underground mining gear, then carted cattle and bits and pieces helping the old man on weekends, then I decided to get a truck of my own and the old man thought I was mad," the owner-driver said.

"Well here I am still going strong and we now have seven trucks on the road. Things aren't always easy but you just have to put in the effort and work smarter I guess. Certainly I don't have any regrets, and I'd have to say it's all good at the moment.

"A good honest life and you make some good mates along the way. By the way, we are eagerly awaiting seeing the Smart-one's wedding photos soon!"

Asked about time off, Dean said he spent a lot of time with his son Keaton and his football, as well as relaxing in the shed with the boys.