It is alleged Sellenthin stalked and intimidated victims.
It is alleged Sellenthin stalked and intimidated victims. innovatedcaptures

Man allegedly had sex with dogs 19 times

A BANGALOW man who allegedly terrorised women and children across Northern NSW for eight years is facing more than 200 charges including bestiality and sexual assault.

Dean Anthony Sellenthin appeared in Tweed Heads Local Court this morning after police charged him with 212 further offences on Friday, adding to five charges he was already in custody for.

Sellenthin has been in custody since November 2017, when he was charged with breaching bail conditions, drug possession and child porn possession.

The 42-year-old is alleged to have stolen more than 370 pairs of underwear, had sex 19 times with three dogs and broken into at least 15 homes from Byron Bay to Brunswick Heads, where he would allegedly film girls without their knowledge.

Sellenthin did not appear in court and was represented by defence lawyer, Rachel Thomas.

The court heard Sellenthin's 217 charges included 63 producing child abuse material, 34 larceny, 27 stalk and intimidate, 19 bestiality, 19 enter a building within in intent to commit a crime, 15 break and enter and sexual assault.

Court documents reveal Sellenthin is alleged to have sexually assaulted a woman with a disability.

DPP Prosecutor Danielle Collins told the court the latest charges came from admissions from Sellenthin after he was arrested and charged in November.

According to the almost 500 pages of charge sheets, Sellenthin targeted the same victims repeatedly, many living in the same streets from 2011 and 2017.

The charges outline 15 addresses that were allegedly the target of break ins in Byron Bay, Brunswick Heads, Mullumbimby, Sulfolk Park and Bangalow.

It is alleged following break ins, Sellenthin stalked and intimidated victims, with intent to cause fear.

It is alleged in March 2013 he broke into the Byron Bay home of a female with disabilities and ejaculated on her thigh.

In early April he allegedly broke in again, sexually assaulted the female, had intercourse with her and ejaculated on her thigh.

The charge sheet states Sellenthin allegedly broke in again in October of the same year, ejaculating on her thigh.

It will also be alleged Sellenthin stole underwear from a Bangalow laundromat.

In relation to charges of bestiality it will be alleged Sellenthin had sex with a Golden Retriever 13 times, a "short-haired black and brown coloured male canine known as Bear" five times and once with a female dog.

He is scheduled to reappear in Tweed Heads Local Court on October 17.