DRUG CRIMINAL: Michael Giallourakis (front) while playing football for the Sunshine Coast Fire in 2009.
DRUG CRIMINAL: Michael Giallourakis (front) while playing football for the Sunshine Coast Fire in 2009. Warren Lynam/183222

Dealer busted with police ID, ammo, electric knuckle dusters

CONVICTED drug dealer and former sportsman Michael Giallourakis went back before an Ipswich court to finalise outstanding weapons offences.

It follows his Supreme Court sentence last month for serious drugs and weapons charges, with a five-year jail term imposed. With time served he will be out by July next year.

Giallourakis, 37, a painter and former soccer player from Ripley, pleaded guilty to 14 offences that include charges of being in possession of drug utensils, possession of restricted items, unlawful possession of weapons, not having authority to possess explosives - ammunition, possession of tainted property, possession of anything used in a crime, driving when drugs were detected in his system and driving when licence suspended.

Office of Director of Public Prosecutions senior prosecutor Cecelia Bernardin said the weapons charges included possession of a knuckle dusters (Category M) at Ripley on July 31, 2017.

Related items included handcuffs, knuckle dusters with a conducted energiser attached, .22 calibre ammunition, .357 ammunition and .45 magnum rounds, and a folding baton.

The tainted property related to a licence in the identity of a police officer but with a photo of Giallourakis. When asked if he pleaded guilty, Giallourakis said "yep".

Ms Bernardin said Giallourakis was sentenced by Brisbane Supreme Court on September 18 with a head sentence of five years, to be released after he served 10 months.

Defence lawyer Yasser Khan said Giallourakis was married with five children and had work as a painter available when released from jail.

In submission on penalty he said Giallourakis should be convicted but not further punished because of the issue of totality, or a jail term that would not disturb the existing sentence release date.

Magistrate Jason Schubert said nine of the charges had been previously considered in the Supreme Court sentence and he was satisfied that these charges would not have resulted in a greater sentence.

Giallourakis was convicted with no further penalty and had his driver's licence disqualified for 27 months.