Linda Foster, of Casino, with the remains of a mouse in a can.
Linda Foster, of Casino, with the remains of a mouse in a can. Jerad Williams

Alcoholic drink with rodent twist

LINDA FOSTER will be steering clear of a well-known pre-mixed alcohol beverage in the future after the Casino mother of four drank from a can of the product which contained a pickled mouse.

Miss Foster, 26, bought a six-pack of the drop, which she intended to drink with her family following the funeral of her grandfather, who was a life-long drinker of the product in question.

“I hardly ever drink,” Miss Foster said.

“But I had the cans to drink to my grandfather and to acknowledge that he was still with us in spirit.”

Miss Foster bought the six-pack with her father on Saturday, June 4 – the day of her grandfather's death – but only came to drink the cans following his funeral last Thursday.

“I dropped my sister and uncle off at the Anglican Church in Lismore for the wake, and then drove home about 4pm,” Miss Foster explained.

“I went to the fridge and got one of the cans and drank it. It was good, so I opened a second can and drank about half.

“But the can was heavy, it felt like it was frozen on the bottom, but it wasn't that cold.”

Miss Foster said she handed the can to her partner, who tipped the liquid contents onto the grass.

“As he tipped it out he turned up the can and I saw the mouse was just there,” Miss Foster said.

“Straight away I vomited – it was disgusting, absolutely revolting.”

Miss Foster said she tried repeatedly to contact the company that produced the beverage on its consumer feedback phone number, which is printed on the can, but despite leaving messages received no response.

“I'm aggravated that I haven't got a proper response from the 1800 number, and I am angry I have had to go to the media to try and get a response,” Miss Foster said.

Miss Foster said she was concerned about the health consequences of drinking from the can.

“What's the chances of something being in somebody else's can? It could make somebody terribly sick,” she said.

A spokesperson for the company which produced the drink said it was “committed to the highest standards of product quality and all our products undergo rigorous quality assurance testing at every stage of the production process”.

“We take consumer complaints very seriously and we have been in contact with Miss Foster,” the spokesperson said.

“This is an isolated complaint which we are currently investigating.”

Miss Foster confirmed a company representative had been in contact with her, and the company was sending a pre-paid package to her to return the can and contents for testing.

“I will never drink it again or from a can,” Miss Foster said.

A veteran hotelier was surprised yesterday when asked by The Northern Star if he had ever experienced a foreign item in a can of drink before.

“I have been in the hotel game for 25 years,” the man said.

“We sell a hell of a lot of it, but I have never heard of such a thing.”