Lucy Garrett  -
Lucy Garrett - "And the curtains will get confused on when they need to be milked.” Renee Albrecht

'Daylight savings? Can't do it... my cows will fade!'

The MERE mention of the daylight saving debate is enough to bring on cries of protest, but Graeme Brittenden wants to put a stop to it once and for all.

He doesn't want Queensland to take on daylight saving time, and he's not calling for other states to abolish it, but he says it is well and truly time for change.

"Australia can't support this current model of daylight saving,” he said.

Mr Brittenden said that being out of sync with other east coast states was costing Queensland businesses more than $5 billion every year.

His solution is to move the clocks in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania forward by 30 minutes, and never change them again.

"If we do that, we don't need daylight saving, it takes it off the agenda,” he said.

"Everybody's sick and tired about the arguments.

"As soon as you mention daylight saving to a politician you get 'you cant do that', 'curtains and cows' and all that sort of rubbish.”

Mr Brittenden's petition to Queensland Parliament was tabled in April and knocked back, with Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath saying there was "genuine concern that any proposal for change in this area would be likely to cause deep divisions in our community”.

But that has not deterred the octogenarian from his mission to make a difference. "I'm prepared to work on this until it happens,” he said. - Tessa Mapstone

What do you think about this? Could this solve the issue for good? Here's what you said on Facebook:

Nick Ward - "Can't do it... my cows will fade!” Lucy Garrett - "And the curtains will get confused on when they need to be milked.”

John Monk McKenzie - "How dare someone come up with a sensible solution, how un-Australian.”

Charles Bill - "No, we have had three referendums and one questionnaire and they all say no.”

Vic Caplikas - "Who cares if it's dark going to work! I have been a shift worker for over 30 years.

Morning shift means dark at the start, afternoon dark at the end.

I love daylight saving as you have more outdoor time in the afternoon.”

Chrissy O'Neill - "As DLS is an archaic thing brought in during the war, why not the southern states get with the times and abolish DLS and then we will be all good!”

Helen Logue - "Leave the clocks the way they are right now... everyone.”

Donna Lee - "Too cold and dark in the winter for earlier rises, so my vote for full-time daylight savings is no.”

Annette Rawlings - "So sick of this annual act (and debate) on stupidity.”

Caroline Rye - "Leave the time alone.”