ON THIS DAY: Unknown illness kills traveller

THE Queensland Times has been covering all the local news for the past 161 years.

One hundred years ago the newspaper was 8 pages long and would have cost you one penny to buy.

Here's what made headlines in the April 20, 1920 edition of the paper.


There is still a large number of diphtheria patients in the General Hospital, and yesterday the total was about 60.

The Medical Superintendent (Dr. B. Gilmore Wilson) states that the cases, generally speaking, are not of a dangerous type.

The season opened

The official opening of the Ipswich Golf Club took place on Saturday afternoon last, at the Club House.

As is usual on such occasions, the proceedings were mostly of a social nature, although time was found for a few minor competitions.

After afternoon tea had been partaken of, the distribution of the prises won last year in the various competitions was proceeded with.

Excursionist's sudden death

A sad incident in connection with the excusion from Ipswich to Toowoomba on Sunday last, was the fatal illness which attacked one of the excursionists on the return journey, John Geo Klein, aged 28 years, and who was employed in the North Ipswich Railway workshops, accompanied by his brother Joseph, aged 20 years, boarded the train at 7.45 o'clock in the morning and proceeded with the excursionists to Toowoomba, where the day was spent.

When nearing Rosewood on the return trip, Klein was ill for the remained of the journey, and on leaving the train hurried to his home.

Shortly afterwards, however, he became seriously indisposed and medical aid was summoned.

This proved of no avail, and the unfortunate young man passed away.

A post-mortem examination was conducted yesterday morning, but the cause of death is not yet known.

Deceased was a son of Mr. and Mrs. John Klein of the One-Mile Estate, with whom he resided.

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