The front page of the Queensland Times on April 21, 1920.
The front page of the Queensland Times on April 21, 1920.

ON THIS DAY: 'Cry of fire' at Criterion Hotel

THE Queensland Times has been covering all the local news for the past 161 years.

One hundred years ago the newspaper was 8 pages long and would have cost you one penny to buy.

Here's what made headlines in the April 21, 1920 edition of the paper.

Fire at Helidon

The usual peace and quietude and afternoon 'nap' of the townspeople of Helidon were rudely disturbed on Sunday morning last by the cry of fire.

Speedily, the male population assembled at the Criterion Hotel, where it was found that the feed room and stables were on fire.

A strong south-easterly wind was blowing at the time and this was carrying the flames on to the Post Office building.

Efforts were immediately made by a strong bucket brigade to save the latter and in this they were entirely successful.

The feed room, stables and contents were completely destroyed with the exception of a motor bicycle, owned by one of the hotel boarders, and which has been locked in the stable.

This was saved by the proprietor of the hotel (Mr. G James), at great personal risk, as the flames were sweeping right through the building when he was aroused.

So far as could be ascertained there was no insurance on the building.

Toowoomba Carnival

Dull cloudy weather conditions pre-vailed for the first day of the Toowoomba's Diamond Jubilee (60th) show to-day.

Owing to the exceedingly large number of exhibits temporary stalls were found to be necessary.

The outstanding features of the show are undoubtedly the dairy cattle exhibits in which notwithstanding the long spell of dry weather reflected the greatest of credit on breeders.