Savannah Jones pleaded guilty to seven charges in Gatton Magistrates Court.
Savannah Jones pleaded guilty to seven charges in Gatton Magistrates Court.

Dawn bingle blows lid on disqualified driver’s drug stash

SMASHING into a Lake Clarendon paddock at the break of dawn, a Gatton driver who wasn’t supposed to be behind the wheel drew unwanted police attention.

It was 4.40am on October 28, 2019, when Savannah Jones crashed her white Hyundai Getz on Gatton Esk Road, drawing emergency services to the scene of the car crash.

Gatton Magistrates Court heard, at the time of the crash, she was more than halfway through a two-year driving disqualification.

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Jones, 26, pleaded guilty to seven charges for offences including driving while disqualified, drug possession and failing to properly dispose of a needle and syringe.

The court heard Gatton police had been patrolling Old Toowoomba Road, Placid Hills, on September 29, 2019, when they came across Jones who was a passenger in a car they pulled over.

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“She was the front passenger of the vehicle and it was detained and a search was conducted,” Sgt Windsor said.

Police found a pink pencil case in the footwell of Jones’ seat, which contained .48 grams of crystal meth and a set of digital scales and hypodermic needles.

“They had not been appropriately disposed of,” Sgt Windsor said.

He told Magistrate Graham Lee that Jones had “candidly” claimed ownership of the items but wouldn’t answer any more questions.

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He said Jones had also been found with drugs in November, when she was searched at Toowoomba Hospital.

On November 6, 2019, hospital staff called police to the hospital in relation to Jones.

“Police have conducted a search of two bags in the defendant’s possession,” Sgt Windsor said.

Police found Codeine tablets and crystal meth in Jones’ bags, both of which she admitted were hers.

“She said she never had been prescribed Codeine for any purpose,” Sgt Windsor said.

The court heard Jones had also failed to visit the Gatton Police Station within a seven-day window and was charged with contravening a police direction.

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Duty lawyer James Ryan told Mr Lee that Jones became “heavily addicted” to ice in her early 20s and had used the drug “on and off” since then.

Mr Lee noted Jones’ history and told her she had already been given the benefit of a drug diversion program.

“I don’t think we have actually reached the point of jail yet but I am prepared to give you a lengthy period of probation,” Mr Lee said.

She was sentenced to two years probation and fined $400 with a conviction recorded.

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