Debbie Combarngo.
Debbie Combarngo.

Daughter recounts mother’s screams in Wilsonton 9 hearing

A 22-YEAR-OLD woman has told a court of listening to her mother's screams and hearing a "cutting sound" as the pair lay side by side on the floor of a Wilsonton unit while being attacked by a group of people.

Claudia Combarngo, 21, said she and her mother Debbie Combarngo had been in the bedroom of the flat when a group of people burst in on the afternoon of May 6, 2018.

She said Christine Hall had appeared at the bedroom door and said "We family ain't we?"

Ms Combarngo said she was then struck with a golf club by Shiralee Fernando and fell down onto a mattress on the floor and was then struck again, prompting her to grab a pillow which she put over her head to protect herself.

She said she had seen Rhonda Hall enter the bedroom with a knife in one hand and a pole in the other.

Claudia Combarngo's partner Tristan Hooper, 24, had come into the room and had been punched and knocked to the floor by Joshua Lingwoodock before he too was repeatedly struck by objects as he crawled on top of Ms Combarngo to protect her, she said.

Ms Combarngo said when the attack on her had ceased, she had heard a "cutting sound" and had removed the pillow from her head to see her mother Debbie Combarngo beside her on the floor bleeding badly.

Debbie Combarngo died soon after the alleged attack.

Nine people who have become referred to in the vernacular as the Wilsonton Nine have been charged with murder, entering a dwelling with intent in company and two  counts of assault occasioning bodily harm in company arising from the incident.

The nine - Joshua James Lingwoodock, 33, Rhianna Jade Fing, 29, Ty Peter Fing, 23, Ashley Aaron Fing, 25, Christine Maree Hall, 34, Jana Leigh Hall, 28, Rhonda Ann Hall, 29, Lynn Fay Jean Anderson, 26, and Shiralee Fernando, 30 - have not as yet been required to enter any pleas to the charges and the evidence came on the second day of their committal hearing in Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Claudia Combarngo said there had been bad blood between the groups, who up until then she had considered family, after the death of Rhonda Hall's brother Michael Hall.

She said she and her mother and Shiralee Fernando had been at the address the night Michael Hall died.

Under cross examination by Shiralee Fernando's barrister Robert Gordon, Ms Combarngo said she was aware some people were blaming her and her mother for the death of Michael Hall.

"I was told Rhonda and Christine were making statements accusing us of doing something to Michael," she said.

In a Facebook exchange between Claudia Combarngo and Shiralee Fernando before the May 6 incident which was read to the court by Mr Gordon, Ms Combarngo had said: "Nobody did anything to him (Michael), if these girls want to say anything, come and say it to our faces, especially Christine and Rhonda".

The committal hearing before Magistrate Kay Ryan is expected to conclude tomorrow.