Data shows how well local train lines are performing

IPSWICH trains are in the "middle of the road" for on-time performance when compared with other Queensland lines.

Queensland Rail has released four months of on-time running and reliability data, with the latest numbers for July showing how the Ipswich, Springfield and Rosewood lines are performing.

Rail Back On Track spokesman Robert Dow said previously only monthly aggregate data which combined the numbers for the entire network was made available.

All services, including peak and off-peak, are measured as on-time when they arrive within three minutes and 59 seconds of their scheduled time, or five minutes and 59 seconds on interurban services such as Rosewood.

QR aims to have more than 95 per cent of services arrive on time.

When incidents out of QR's control are excluded, including severe weather, medical emergencies and security incidents, the data shows Ipswich, Springfield and particularly Rosewood are sitting above that mark on average from April to July.

Mr Dow said Ipswich and Springfield are travelling "OK" and Rosewood befitted from the extra wriggle room as an interurban service.

"It's not surprising Rosewood does very well because of the long time they've got relative to the rest of the network and the fact that the trains don't run that frequently - about every hour off-peak," he said.

"It's good to see Rosewood performing well. The Ipswich and Springfield lines are generally performing at a satisfactory level.

"Ipswich and Springfield are brought down a little bit because of the two worst lines on the network are Caboolture and Redcliffe Peninsula. A lot of the Ipswich trains run through to Caboolture or Nambour and Springfield is connected to the Redcliffe Peninsula line. They're both poor performers and that has an effect.

"What we'd like to see is QR improve the on-time running of both Caboolture and Redcliffe Peninsula and we think that will flow through to even further improvements on the Ipswich and Springfield lines."

Mr Dow believed the transparency from QR would "build confidence" amongst commuters.

"Our lines (Springfield and Ipswich) are basically in the middle," he said.

"They're running at an acceptable level but there's room for improvement. That's what we can see from the data."