"Good luck to insurance sorting that out."

That's one of more than a hundred similar comments on a dash cam video that shows a slow-speed collision between two cars on a Victorian road.

The footage, shared on the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page, has divided viewers.

It shows vehicles waiting in line behind roadworks on a road in Ballarat divided by only orange cones.

The driver of a silver Ford Focus, presumably tired of waiting in line, overtakes stationary cars on the wrong side of the road.

Dash cam footage divides viewers.
Dash cam footage divides viewers.

As he attempts to pass, the driver of a blue Mercedes convertible attempts to make a U-turn but collides with the passing Ford.

In the comments section, viewers couldn't definitively settle on one party being in the wrong.

"I would love to hear the argument between the two drivers," one person wrote.

"No indication but heading down wrong side of the road. Good luck on this insurance claim," another wrote.

Some tried to argue the driver of the silver car was in the wrong.

"U-turn legal, no lines, no signs OK. Car on wrong side of the road (is) 100 per cent wrong," one person wrote.

"That's what happens when you get impatient in a roadworks area and ignore the cones to sneak onto the wrong side of the road to overtake and make a right turn," another wrote.

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Others argued the Mercedes driver didn't check before turning, and should have given way.

"(Blue) car at fault - one must give way to overtaking vehicles," one person wrote.

"Mirrors. They're on vehicles for a reason," another wrote.

An exhaustive investigation into Victoria's road rules was carried out by this reporter.

It served to muddy the waters further.

VicRoads, the authority on road rules in Victoria, has this to say about when a driver is not allowed to make a U-turn.

The moment before impact.
The moment before impact.

"If there is: a single continuous line down the centre of the road; double continuous lines down the centre of the road; a 'no U-turn' sign.

VicRoads said drivers are allowed to make a U-turn "on other roads" and "at intersections with traffic lights".

Importantly, VicRoads also said: "When making a U-turn you must give way to all other vehicles and pedestrians."

So, it sounds like the driver of the blue Mercedes might be found wanting.

BUT … VicRoads has this to say about the driver of the silver Ford.

"It is an offence to: drive on the wrong side of a divided road (or) pass to the right of a right turning vehicle or a vehicle making a U-turn from the centre of the road."

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