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Daniel Radcliffe 'hearts' New York

DANIEL Radcliffe loves "enthusiasm" and living in New York.

The 24-year-old actor explained he enjoys the vibrancy and "energy" of the city, where he spends most of his time.

Speaking to the Sunday Express newspaper, he said: "Anyone who equates 'coolness' with a lack of enthusiasm is just very, very irritating to me ... [New York is] a great city.

"It has an incredible energy and it is very positive. I think in England we sometimes make fun of Americans for being so positive but I am actually all about that. I love enthusiasm."

This translates itself to his work, and Daniel admitted he had "no time to be awkward" during his gay sex scenes with co-star Dane DeHaan in 'Kill Your Darlings'.

In the new biopic drama, he plays poet Allen Ginsberg and while the intimate scenes were surreal, he had to concentrate on the role at hand.

He explained: "There are certain moments when the surrealness of what is going on hits you occasionally and you start laughing but, to be honest, there's just no time to be awkward.

"We just had to get in and do it and that was probably for the best."