Damning texts nail man over ice deal

GEORGE Stanley Kirk has been jailed for six months by the District Court for supplying the drug ice.

Kirk, 32, a labourer, pleaded guilty to one count of supplying a dangerous drug methylamphetamine at Gladstone in May 2014.

Sarah Dennis for the Crown said Kirk had a significant criminal and traffic history, "which indicates a lengthy history of him being unable to comply with the rules of society".

Nine pages of criminal history including property and dishonesty offences, some for violence and assault causing bodily harm.

Ms Dennis said since 2001 his offending continued almost without break.

Kirk was sentenced to 12 months jail earlier this year for offences committed late last year and Ms Dennis said he was yet to face a drug trafficking charge before the Supreme Court.

Ms Dennis said the drug supply charge arose when a phone was seized from a man police were monitoring.

It revealed Kirk exchanged text messages with the man, and was willing to provide him methylamphetamine between 1.75 gram and 0.2 gram, two points.

"Efforts were made for the two to meet but the arrangements fell through so it is not clear if an actual supply eventuated," Ms Dennis said.

Ms Dennis said his significant history over many years and his failure, despite many opportunities to address his offending, should be considered in sentencing.

"The fact he was willing to disseminate drugs into the community is serious," she said.

Barrister Tom Polley, said Kirk instructed him he began drinking alcohol at 13 to help with his anxiety.

"He describes himself as alcoholic then.

"He quit alcohol and started using amphetamines three years ago," Mr Polley said.

"He was heavily dependent."

Judge Michael Burnett told Kirk he was no stranger to the courts or to the punishments, and he continued to come back before the courts.

Judge Burnett said his supply of ice was picked up during a police drug operation.

"You have demonstrated over your life an anti-social history and for a man of your age you have an extensive criminal history," he said.

"And you have not engaged in opportunities afforded you, generally showing a poor attitude."

Judge Burnett sentenced Kirk to six months jail.

Taking into account time already served he set a parole release date of July 15.