Winter's frosty fingers are tightening their grip across the region.
Winter's frosty fingers are tightening their grip across the region. Jonno Colfs

Dalby's coldest May morning in over 100 years

A FROSTY morning in Dalby broke a 100 year record for coldest May temperature, marking winter's early arrival in Southern Queensland.

After experiencing frosts around the region this week, the final Autumn morning was a shivering -3.6C in Dalby, beating the 1911 record of -2.2C.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster David Crock said it was a cool morning across all of Southern Queensland, with Oakey and Applethorpe also breaking records for May.

"A really cool and dry air mass has moved up from the south west over the last day or two and that's really the ideal conditions to get these really cold nights," he said.

"The air is really dry and the skies are clear and that allows the land to cool quite dramatically during the night."

Mr Crock said while temperatures have been quite low, the weather is not unusual for late May.

"Towards the end of May it's certainly not unusual to see these cold outbreaks, cool dry air masses and westerly winds," he said.

Mr Crock said the weather should become milder over the next few days, but it won't be long until the cold mornings are back in Dalby.

"It will probably be quite cold again tonight, perhaps not quite as cold as last night but then the mornings will be milder for a couple of nights before another dry air mass moves in on about Monday," he said.

"Particularly Sunday across the Darling Downs could be quite cool during the day and it might only get up to 16 to 18 degrees with quite a lot of cloud cover and a little bit of rain about the place as well.

"After that a dry air mass moves in behind that rain which means more cool mornings and clear skies next week."

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