STOP NOW: Police are being called to an average of one domestic violence incident every day in Warwick.
STOP NOW: Police are being called to an average of one domestic violence incident every day in Warwick. g-stockstudio

DAILY FIGHT: Victims choked, punched, spat on

HE SPAT in her face twice and threw a mug that left her eyes and nose black and blue, then a few days later bashed her again, leaving bruising on her cheek, forehead and arm.

More shocking than the Warwick man's crimes revealed in Warwick Magistrates Court this week is the fact they are far from a rare sight for law enforcement in Warwick.

In honour of Domestic and Family Prevention Month, those on the frontline of the issue have spoken out about its severity in our community.

Warwick Police acting officer in charge Shane Reid said police in Warwick were on average attending one domestic violence incident every day.

This included choking, assaults that left victims bruised and bleeding, property being smashed or verbal arguments, Sen-Sgt Reid said.

In previous roles, he said he had attended cases where a partner or child had been killed as a result of domestic violence.

"We have had previous domestic-related homicides in Warwick; Warwick is certainly not immune to that level of domestic violence," he said.

A magistrate at Warwick Magistrates Court echoed the seriousness of domestic violence in the community, when he jailed the Warwick man who attacked his partner for contravening a domestic violence order three times.

The 36-year-old pleaded guilty to the three charges, as well as other drug offences.

His lawyer Peter Sloane blamed a $400-a-day ice habit for his violence against his on-again, off-again partner, saying he was intelligent and nice when off drugs.

Magistrate Robert Walker took the opportunity when sentencing the man, who can not be named for legal reasons, that domestic violence would be answered with the most severe punishments from the court. "The decision speaks of offenders sometimes believing they can commit these acts with impunity," Mr Walker said.

The Warwick man had a history of violence and was on a suspended sentence for contravening a domestic violence order when he committed his recent crimes.

Having spent 109 days in police custody, he was sentenced to nine months' jail with a parole release date set for July 6.

Domestic Violence Action Centre Toowoomba service manager Kath Turley said staff noted the number of domestic violence order applications made in Warwick was rising.

Each time staff serviced Warwick Magistrates Court, which was two or three times a month, they noted 20 to 30 domestic violence matters each day, Ms Turley said.

She said there were high-risk applications being made including for strangulation and stalking as well as an increase in domestic violence applications by older women.

This could be due to better education about protection options, she said.

"Domestic violence is not decreasing, it only seems to be increasing and we see that with the statistics coming out - one woman killed every 10 days across the country," Ms Turley said. "It's growing. The thing I see as the advantage is there are orders being made to provide support to women."

If you or someone you know needs help phone DVAC on 46421354 or for 24 hour support phone Womensline on 1800811811 or Mensline on 1800600636.