BEHIND BARS: Raymond George Kenneth Jenkins has been in custody since July 30 last year for domestic violence offences.
BEHIND BARS: Raymond George Kenneth Jenkins has been in custody since July 30 last year for domestic violence offences. contributed

Man held knife to dog's throat, asked partner to stab him

FOR 325 days Raymond George Kenneth Jenkins has been in jail.

The man's acts of intimidation and violence resulted in Judge Leanne Clare referring to Jenkins as a "domestic thug".

On Thursday last week Bundaberg District Court was told the details of events that put him behind bars almost 12 months ago.

Jenkins, 27, pleaded guilty to two counts of contravening a domestic violence order, common assault, assault occasioning bodily harm, burglary and intent to commit violence.

Crown prosecutor Carla Ahern said since 2009 Jenkins had continually breached domestic violence, probation and intensive correction orders by consistently re-offending.

The court was told he had repeatedly broken such domestic violence orders with several partners and was on a suspended sentence while committing his most recent string of offences.

Ms Ahern detailed in a former breach Jenkins had held a knife to his own stomach and demanded the aggrieved stab him.

When the aggrieved refused, he took the knife and held it to the dog's throat and again demanded he be stabbed.

On July 30, 2018, Jenkins showed up at the complainant's house demanding clothes.

When the mother of his child did not let him in, he became aggressive.

"The complainant refused to open the screen and he kicked it, causing it to bend," Ms Ahern said.

"She opened up the screen and threw his clothes out, but he threw them back at her and forced his way in.

"He kicked her several times. The couple's daughter yelled 'stop hitting, be nice' to which he responded, 'shut the f--k up c--t'."

When the woman tried to walk away with their daughter, Jenkins kicked her in the knees and when she fell, he dug his knee into her back and held her down. She had to roll over to prevent the young girl from being squashed.

Jenkins then punched the victim in the lip, and the court heard their young daughter yelled at her father to stop hitting her mother.

Ms Ahern said Jenkins left the house but returned a short time later, blaming the complainant for turning him into the person he had become.

He then assaulted her again and as he kicked her repeatedly she formed a foetal position to protect herself.

Jenkins also grabbed her hair, forced her to the tiles, hit her head against the floor and punched her limbs.

"Some time later the defendant walked toward the kitchen and retrieved a steak knife from the drawer," Ms Ahern said.

"He held the knife when he approached the complainant's friend outside.

"He then approached the complainant with the knife... he grabbed her by the throat and pushed her onto the ground.

"He placed his hand over the complainant's mouth to stop her making noise... he held the flat side of the blade on her neck.

"He repeatedly said whilst laughing... 'are you ready to die? Because I am'."

Jenkins was then arrested.

The court heard the victim was incredibly fearful of the defendant and applied for an amendment to the order that he not be allowed within 200m of her and people named.

"She described the effects the offending has had on daughter," Ms Ahern said.

"Her daughter has said things like, 'I don't want to die, my dad is a monster' and is seeing a child psychologist.

"The complainant said she feels hurt not being able to protect her daughter from the situation."

Defence barrister Simone Bain said Jenkins was a product of his own dysfunctional family unit.

She said a motorbike accident had left him in continual pain, of which the use and abuse of opioid medications had become a habit, but abstinence in prison had helped him see he needed to change.

"He said at the time of the attack he had been on morphine withdrawals and was in severe pain," Ms Bain said.

"He doesn't have a clear memory of all the events."

She detailed his willingness to become involved with his three children but knew he had significant work to do.

Judge Clare reminded Jenkins that his daughter had been caught in the crossfire as he bashed and assaulted her mother.

"At one point your daughter was clipped by a blow meant for her mother... you were not deterred by the arrival of other people... you only stopped when police actually arrived," she said.

"You behaved like a thug. Like a domestic thug."

Judge Clare sentenced Jenkins to two years imprisonment with a parole release date of July 30, 2019.

The protection order against the victim was extended until June 19, 2024.