DONUTS DAD: Burnouts driver Adam Fleming goes straight into jail if he reoffends.
DONUTS DAD: Burnouts driver Adam Fleming goes straight into jail if he reoffends.

Dad rips birthday burnouts to cheer himself up

SMOKE clouds caused by a dad doing high speed burnouts drifted across Ipswich Motorway causing safety fears for other drivers, a court heard.

Adam Fleming was behind the wheel of a silver Holden Commodore when police discovered he had disconnected the rear brakes.

He told police it was his birthday and he was not happy, Ipswich Magistrates Court was told this week.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Dave Shelton said 29-year-old Fleming, from Riverview, had previously been convicted of threatening to burn down a house after its occupants complained about his manner of driving.

Adam Wayne Fleming, a father of two, pleaded guilty to seven charges including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle at Hansells Parade on Sunday July 21; driving without licence condition of having prescribed Interlock device fitted; vehicle not in a safe condition; driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle; possession of dangerous drugs and drug utensils.

Sen-Const Shelton said the car should have been fitted with an Interlock device.

"He disengaged the rear brakes to more easily do burnouts, making it unsafe. He has an appalling traffic record and continues to offend," Sen-Const Shelton said.

"It is his third time back before the court on this suspended sentence. It has provided little deterrent. He has total disregard for the safety of other road users."

Sen-Const Shelton said in a previous offence, police were called to a Dinmore house at 10.30pm in June last year after the owner complained about a driver doing burnouts.

The resident said the driver threatened to burn down the house and threw liquid that smelled like petrol.

Police found Fleming at a nearby house and he admitted he argued with the resident and threw petrol.

Defence lawyer Brad Smith said Fleming expressed remorse, had co-operated with police, and said the car was a track vehicle.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said witnesses were frightened for their safety.

"The smoke covered three lanes of the adjacent motorway which would have affected driver visibility," she said.

"You say you do burnouts competitively. It was your birthday and you were not happy so it was to cheer yourself up.

"It is concerning that as a man of 29, you are not a youngster, that it was an acceptable way to get rid of stress.

"Really, it is totally irresponsible behaviour to engage in high-speed burnouts particularly when modifications made it unsafe to drive.

"It was extremely fortunate there was no property damage or injuries."

Ms Sturgess said Fleming received a two-month jail sentence (suspended) for throwing petrol at a house. She noted it was the third time that he had breached it.

Fleming was sentenced to six months' jail for the dangerous driving, and three months for driving with no Interlock device.

The previous sentence was activated, making a total of eight months' jail, with immediate parole. His licence was disqualified for six months, and for three months on the Interlock offence. He was fined $1000 for drug offences.