Corey Elgers-Larkin used a garden hose to put out a fire near his home.
Corey Elgers-Larkin used a garden hose to put out a fire near his home.

Dad's quick thinking saves potential bushfire catastrophe

A PEREGIAN dad has been praised by firefighters for his quick thinking after a fire ignited in bushland outside his house at the weekend.

Corey Elgers-Larkin was woken by his wife Erin on Sunday night as flames were reaching the treetops in bushland metres from his house.

Mr Elgers-Larkin, who had moved to the neighbourhood the day prior, grabbed the long-length hose from his yard, sifted through his packing boxes for the fittings and used his neighbour's hose nozzle to contain the fire for about 20 minutes while firefighters made their way to the scene.

Coolum firefighter Craig Robinson said Corey's quick thinking prevented the fire from getting out of control.

"He stopped us from being there all night with a heap of trucks," Mr Robinson said.

"We would have been fighting something very different if he hadn't stepped in."

Mr Elgers-Larkin said he dreamed of being a firefighter his whole life and on Sunday night he had a few minutes of living out his desires.

"When the last fires happened in Peregian they came right up to the backyard of the property here, so for it to kick off again on the other side was pretty nerve-racking," Mr Elgers-Larkin said.

"Having my kids and Erin in the house was my first priority.

"People's houses were at stake."

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said the fire was not being investigated.

Mr Elgers-Larkin said he was in awe of the work emergency service personnel did every day.

He is offering two months of free training to all emergency service personnel at his gym Shadowbox Sunshine Coast at Forest Glen.

"What they do is seriously incredible," he said.