Brad Clack was fined $500 for wilfully exposing his genitals.
Brad Clack was fined $500 for wilfully exposing his genitals.

Dad "masturbates" in garden, shows butt to hotel guests

A security guard was in for a surprise when she shone her torch to find a man allegedly masturbating in a garden bed.

Bradley John Clack said his inability to handle spirits was to blame for hotel guests seeing more of him than they would have liked.

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Police prosecutor Mark Burrell told Caloundra Magistrates Court police were called to the Oaks Oasis resort at Golden Beach after reports of an intoxicated Clack exposing himself to female guests on September 22.

The court heard Clack walked past guests having drinks outside their unit three times and pulled down his pants, exposing his buttocks.

A female security guard witnessed the incident.

"She discovered him standing in a nearby garden bed with his pants around his ankles," Senior Constable Burrell said.

"He was masturbating.

"When she shone her torch at him, she stated the male has yelled at her, pulled up his trousers and run off, leaving behind his car keys and magnetic swipe card."

The court heard Clack continued yelling at the security guard as she followed him.

Police were called and found Clack at his unit.

"Police entered the unit, they could smell cannabis," Sen-Const Burrell said.

Police found a bowl of chopped up marijuana.

The court heard Clack was arrested and had to be physically restrained with handcuffs.

Clack pleaded guilty in Caloundra Magistrates Court on Wednesday to three charges, including wilful exposure.

He had no criminal history.

Self represented, Clack told the court he had been made redundant from his job as a boilermaker.

"I'm really remorseful for what I did that night, it's not who I am," he said.

"I have a five-year-old daughter, she deserves a lot better then what I did that night."

Clack said he had lost his house and that's why he was staying at the resort.

"I do have a problem with drinking spirits, that has come to my realisation after that night," he said.

"I won't be standing back in this courtroom ever again."

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said he took into account Clack's early plea of guilty.

He fined Clack $500.

No convictions were recorded.