Jason Gambier was attacked by two men outside his Ripley home on Sunday morning.
Jason Gambier was attacked by two men outside his Ripley home on Sunday morning.

Dad kicked, punched outside home in terrifying attack

AN Ipswich father has needed X-rays after he was left bruised, shaken - and possibly fractured - by two men who attacked him outside his Ripley home.

Jason Gambier saw a person move in the dark moments before he was coward punched and kicked about 2.30am on Sunday morning.

"I heard a noise out the front and there was nobody there so I turned a light on and, as I walked beside my car, I've seen someone in my peripheral," Mr Gambier said.

"I turned around and got king hit - I've hit the deck and there was another guy in front of me who kicked me in the face and fell over after he kicked me.

"I got up, pushed the other guy away and got back inside."

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The attack followed a series of chilling threats that took place across the past three weeks, seemingly targeting Mr Gambier's former partner who still lived at the house.

"A couple of weeks ago she had her tyre let down while she was at work and, about a week later, we had our son's birthday party at our house," Mr Gambier said.

"While the party was going on, someone slashed her tyre.

"Last Thursday, there was a letter in the letterbox threatening her and her friend and then, on Friday morning, she had her tyre slashed again."

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Mr Gambier said he had become "hyper vigilant" so, when he heard the noises outside in the early hours of Sunday morning, he had been quick to investigate.

Police were at his door within four minutes of the attack.

"They were really quick and the police dog chased (the men) across the paddock," Mr Gambier said.

"They had come back while I was on the phone to police and then they took off when we could hear the cars coming."

Mr Gambier said he had no clue who could be behind the attacks.

"We don't do drugs, we don't do anything like that and we don't know who we've pissed off," he said.

"The letter (that came in the mail) said 'you can run, you can hide but your friends will pay for your transgressions'."


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