Drug driving dad says he's no deadbeat

A MARIJUANA user who says he quit smoking the drug two months before, still had traces of the drug in his system when tested by police.

Driver Corey Hawkins told Ipswich Magistrates Court he was "no deadbeat" but a business owner and dad of four.

Corey John Hawkins, 25, from Brightview, pleaded guilty to drug driving (marijuana) at Brassall on November 2.

Prosecutor Sergeant Matt Donnelly said police intercepted Hawkins's car at 8.30pm and he admitted to recent drug use.

"I said yes as it takes four months to get out of the system," Hawkins told magistrate David Shepherd. "The second test took two hours to come back positive. I'd done it before, usually takes 45 minutes max. I'm no deadbeat. I own my own business with four kids and I am doing the best I can. And I haven't smoked it since the two months before I was charged."

Mr Shepherd said it was not that it might affect Hawkins's capacity to drive, but that it was illegal to have drugs in the system when driving.

Hawkins was fined $300 - sent to SPER for a payment plan. His licence was disqualified for one month.