Could Glenreagh become the next equine capital of Australia?
Could Glenreagh become the next equine capital of Australia?

DA dreams to put local industry on national stage

COULD Glenreagh become the next equine capital of Australia? Melinda Waterhouse certainly hopes so.

The Kings Park Equestrian Centre owner is currently awaiting the green light from Clarence Valley Council to proceed with plans for an 80-hectare American-style boutique equestrian facility that she hopes will put Glenreagh on the map.

"The difference with American farms is everything happens at the one place; agistment, training, events and so on, compared to Australian farms where you have to float your horse everywhere" she said.

"Anyone who's watched Saddle Club knows that everything happens at those stables, be it training or events, and we want to replicate that."

The proposed plans include three agistment paddocks, two toilet facilities and a large parking area.

"Most of the infrastructure is already in place so it's just a matter of formalising the equestrian centre so that we can take the next steps toward our vision," Mrs Waterhouse said.

That vision is to help elevate Glenreagh's equine industry to a national scale through a grassroots approach.

"Glenreagh is very much becoming an equestrian area," she said.

"The showground is investing a lot of money into improved facilities for equestrian activities and there are also lots of trainers around here."

"I want to support local businesses, trainers and whatever else I can tap into locally in order to promote our beautiful area."