Cost-conscious shoppers will soon be able to buy refurbished Apple iPhones at the checkout in a move to help consumers stay connected at a discounted price.

Parents are increasingly on the hunt for decent phone deals for their children and in a first supermarket giant Coles this week will begin selling second-hand Apple iPhone 7 32GB devices at many of their supermarkets across the country.

The refurbished phones have undergone a rigorous 72-point inspection process to ensure the device is genuine and in good condition for sale.

New independent research commissioned by Boost Mobile quizzed 1000 Australians and found of parents with children aged 10 to 17, about three in four had heard about refurbished phones.

And of those parents 44 per cent said they only wanted to spend $300 or less on a brand new phone for their child.

Boost Mobile's founder Peter Adderton said it was a cost-effective option for customers who are prepared to forgo having the latest and most expensive device.

"It's cost savings before Christmas and refurbished phones are now much more widely accepted," he said.

"If you have a family of three kids and they all want the new iPhone, a brand new iPhone will set them back a significant amount.

"They are a great product and a great price and almost as good as a new one and it's now convenient."

Coles' general manager of non-food Jonathan Torr said it was a "great way to deliver value for our customers in a more sustainable way".


‘Sustainable’. Coles is entering the iPhone resale market.
‘Sustainable’. Coles is entering the iPhone resale market.


"This is not only helping customers save on their phones, it's convenient to be able to pick it up while you're shopping for groceries," he said.

"It's improving sustainability outcomes by extending the useful life of high-quality technology."


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The sale of refurbished iPhone 7 32GB devices will be launched in Coles stores in NSW, WA, Tasmania, NT and the ACT, before being rolled out in Queensland and Victoria at a later date.

It costs $259 and comes with a $10 Boost SIM card.

Boost runs on the Telstra network.

Telco comparison website WhistleOut's spokesman Kenny McGilvary said more Australians are willing to purchase mobile phones outright rather than sign up to a contract.

"Choosing a refurbished phone is a great value alternative to buying a new handset, whether for yourself or for the kids," he said.

"Refurbished handsets give Australians more choice when it comes to picking a mobile phone, and the opportunity to make big savings while still getting a good device."

The latest iPhone 12 costs up to $2369.


Originally published as Cut-price iPhones coming to Coles