Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry takes some time out in training.
Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry takes some time out in training. LARRY W. SMITH

Curry not fazed by NBA finals history

LAST year the Golden State Warriors went into game five of the NBA finals against Cleveland Cavaliers leading 3-1. The Cavaliers won and went on to take the series 4-3.

While the score in the series is the same this time round, that's where the similarity ends, says Warriors star Steph Curry ahead of today's game five in Oakland.

"This year's a totally different year. I actually wasn't thinking about that until you asked me," Curry said replied when asked about another 3-1 finals lead.

"I'm confident, I'm energetic and positive about the opportunity we have in front of us tomorrow. The past is the past.

"It's definitely fuelled us all year, just trying to keep that hunger to get back to the stage.

"But we understand we're one win away from getting the job done, and we have a chance to write our own story this year.

"So, this is going to be a fun night and want to just keep a clear focus to what's going on in the present, for sure."

Australian-born Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving said although Cleveland was in a tough position, there was hope.

"Being down 3-1, we understand that it's a predicament that we put ourselves in," he said.

"But coming out in Game 5, we feel like if we come to play and we make sure that we focus on our game plan and we bring the physicality and we bring it to them, then we'll put ourselves in a great position."

Game 5 NBA Finals, Oracle Arena, 1pm (AEST)