A serial upskirt photographer has been sentenced.
A serial upskirt photographer has been sentenced.

‘Crucifying your family’: Creepy upskirter sentenced

A DRUG-FUELLED Victoria Point serial upskirter agreed with a magistrate that he was "crucifying his family" with his deviant behaviour.

Paul Edwards, 33, pleaded guilty to seven counts of making observations or recordings in breach of privacy when he appeared at the Cleveland Magistrates Court today via video link.

The court heard Edwards had filmed the anal and genital regions of women without their consent at numerous locales including Victoria Point Bunnings, McDonalds, Victoria Point Tavern and a local shopping centre between June and December last year.

His covert filming lasted between 15 seconds to nearly five minutes and in one instance included a young girl.

On December 20 a victim nearly fell over a crouched down Edwards on Colburn Ave.

The frightened woman, who was with her child, was smirked at by Edwards after she hid in her locked vehicle.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Angela Tetley said Edwards, who had breached his parole when he preyed on members of the public, was a risk to the community.

Sgt Tetley was particularly concerned that Edwards' offending involved a child.

Defence solicitor Jane Bruxner said her client had completed numerous drug courses during his 90 days of incarceration.

Magistrate Deborah Vasta said she did not believe Edwards' offending was oriented to children but condemned his "creepy behaviour".

"You are just crucifying your family," Ms Vasta said.

The magistrate said it was crucial for Edwards to see a forensic psychologist and to steer clear of drugs.

Edwards was fined $300 and sentenced to 9 months' prison with immediate release on six months' parole and three years' probation.

Originally published as 'Crucifying your family': Creepy upskirter sentenced