Emerge's Calen Le Couteur recently caught up with Jack Nielsen from Brisbane band Animal House for a chat about their debut EP, Europe and the future.

C: How did Animal House form?

A: We met at UQ originally and moved in together, chucked out the TV and set up a sort of "silent" rehearsal studio in our lounge room where we drank many a beer and jammed many a tune.

C: Where'd the name come from?

A: The cult classic movie National Lampoon's Animal House. Well worth a watch. More so I think the name matches our vibe and music.

Animal House
Animal House USQ

C: How long ago did you start writing songs for your EP?

The EP has been an ongoing process. It was a selection of songs from old and new and we held onto it for a while whilst sorting out visas and all that yada yada.

C: Which song on the EP are you most proud of?

I think Tequila is the most ridiculous and one of the most fun to produce. We had some of our Spanish friends come into the Studio and scream down the microphone - something they were only too happy to do. There's shaker, tambo, thumb clicks, claps, castanets, the whole shebang in there and it was loads of fun. It goes down live like the drink itself.

C: Which venue in the UK has been your favourite to play at?

A: Sticky Mikes Frog Bar is a venue in Brighton, where we live at the moment. The live room is a basement and the floor is literally sticky with booze. It's one of the most fun and best vibing venues in Brighton.

C: Favourite album of the year?

A: Surely it's gotta be King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity. That band is just ridiculous.

C: Who are your influences?

A: All over the place but we keep coming back to this garage sound. From the '60s garage to the naughties revival I think is what seems to flow the best.

C: Do you have any hobbies outside of music?

A: Living in Brighton doesn't leave room for many more hobbies than just drinking. I think there's a pub every 50m or something outrageous like that. Imagine that many pubs in Australia? It'd be like Fortitude Valley everywhere.

C: Favourite thing about the U.K?

A: Apart from the obviously brilliant music scene, it' closeness to mainland Europe and their general appreciation of the sun is great. When the sun comes out, the whole of England comes out to play.

C: Which Premier League teams do you support?

A: None really. Viva la Brisbane Roar.

C: Do you plan on coming back to Queensland to do some gigs anytime soon?

A: It might be a little while yet. We're trying our best to crack into the European market and form a solid fan base over here so when we eventually move back we'll be able to tour progressively and more comfortably. It's about forging a career in a globalised world.

C: Do you have a favourite venue in Queensland?

A: I think the Black Bear Lodge was my favourite. It's actually got a great stage and they put some serious effort into it there.

C: Any big plans for 2017?

A: We're going for two releases this year, an EP in April and an Album to follow up later in the year.

C: If you had only three words to describe your music, which three words would you use?

A: I only need two actually. Stupid, fun.

Animal House's debut EP Sorry is available on ITunes.

Animal House
ZOO LIFE: Animal House is this week's Emerge featured band. USQ