A TWO-metre crocodile has been spotted in Coolum Creek by a teenage boy looking for fishing spots.

Alex Ranson, 14, had paddled a few hundred metres downstream from the West Coolum Rd boat ramp into a small tributary when he spotted the croc on the creekbank yesterday morning.

Alex said two men in a tinnie passing in the opposite direction shouted a warning to him at the same time, and the noise from the boat prompted the croc to slip into the water.

Not knowing where the croc was, he paddled flat out back to the boat ramp where his father was waiting.

"At the start, I didn't really think anything, and when I saw the boat come past and scared it into the water, it kind of followed me," he said.

"It was about the same size as my ski and I was thinking of it knocking me in," he said.

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An exhausted Alex arrived back at the boat ramp and in true fisherman style, told his father he had seen "a massive croc".

His father, Charles, had no doubt his son had seen a crocodile.

"The fellows in the tinnie had come in and asked my older son, 'Is that your brother? He shouldn't be paddling down there. There's a croc down there'," Mr Ranson said.

The croc sighting left Mr Ranson surprised.

"I never heard of a croc south of Maryborough before," he said.

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Mr Ranson said his Alex, and his brothers, Nicholas, 12, and Daniel, 16, were keen fishermen and always looking for fishing spots.

"They're trying to catch a mangrove jack but haven't got one yet," he said.

Alex's godfather reported the croc sighting to the Sunshine Coast Council this morning.

The Ransons returned to the boat ramp today to collect a crab pot left further upstream.

"Lucky the crab pot was up the other way," Alex said.

But fishermen and wildlife experts say it's not a crocodile