Crime Stoppers help turn the screws on number plate theft

WORRIED about having your number plate stolen?

If you're not, you should be - number plate thefts are on the rise.

In response, Crime Stoppers Lockyer Valley Area Committee have teamed up with Autopro in Gatton to turn the screws on in this crime by offering anti-theft screws to the public.

Anti-theft or one-way screws are designed to stop a potential thief from removing your number plates, often to use the plates on another vehicle to commit crime.

Once the one-way screws are installed, they require a special technique to remove them, and most thieves will simply move on to an easier target.

The screws will be available at the Crime Stoppers stand at Autopro Gatton for 8am to noon this Saturday and can be purchased for just $5.

Gatton Police officer in charge senior sergeant Rowland Browne said the simple product was an important tool for both the public and police.

"These screws will make it harder for offenders to steal your number plates and so play an important role in preventing crime and making criminal activity more difficult," Sen Sgt Browne said.

"I commend our local Crime Stoppers Committee for this initiative."

Crime Stoppers Lockyer Valley Area Committee publicity officer and treasurer Janice Holstein encouraged the public to head down to the stall on the weekend.

"It is important that our local Crime Stoppers Committee works with local businesses and the Police to help combat crime in our community," Ms Holstein said.

"This is one simple measure our residents can take to secure their number plates to avoid theft."

If your registration plates are stolen, report this to Policelink on 131 444.

You will also need to report the loss to the Department of Transport and Main Roads immediately to cancel the stolen plates and obtain replacements.