The judge and the man facing him from the dock spoke at length.
The judge and the man facing him from the dock spoke at length. John Weekes

Crime 'rampage' dad gets chance to defeat demons

A TROUBLED man went on a theft and burglary "rampage", losing control of a stolen car and smashing into a house.

William Norman Isaacs was born in Cherbourg but a court on Tuesday heard relatives in Ipswich had tried to get help for his long-running offending.

The 33-year-old father's latest crime spree included chaotic booze-addled thefts at Burpengary and Tewantin.

Brisbane District Court heard Isaacs also broke into a Beerwah house, stealing car keys, a wallet and alcohol.

In that May 2017 spree, Isaacs lost control of a Honda CRV, veering across a footpath and smashing into a house.

He took off but police dogs tracked him down.

Judge Brendan Butler said as well as last year's "rampage", Isaacs had a "just amazing" history of burglaries and dangerous driving over many years.

As Isaacs stood in the dock, he and Judge Butler spoke at length.

Isaacs said he'd at times not sought help for his problems because he wanted to be independent.

But he agreed with defence counsel Catherine Cuthbert's view that he was maturing, and ready for a change.

"I've had enough. In the past I've never asked for help. This time I'm willing to give it a go."

Judge Butler asked why Isaacs had not previously made a go of parole conditions.

"I knew I would bugger it up," Isaacs replied.

"If I put you on parole now will you bugger it up this time?"

Isaacs said he would do his best not to.

"You can make a decision to man up and stay out of trouble," Judge Butler told him.

"You can lean on support but you're going to have to decide."

The judge said it was in everyone's best interests for Isaacs to lead a law-abiding life outside jail.

Isaacs was jailed for three years but had already spent 14 months in custody.

He will be released on parole on August 28, and probably go live in Ipswich with family, the court heard.

"You're mature enough to know that this is your life," Judge Butler added. -NewsRegional