Crim breaches court orders due to officer conflict

A MAN sentenced in February for assault and choking his then partner breached court orders because of “a personality conflict” with his probation officer.

Timothy Desmond Clift Croft, 43, was resentenced in Rockhampton District Court on Friday after breaching the 18-month order and failed to complete any of a 100 hours community serivce order handed down in February.

Crown prosecutor Will Slack in February told the court Croft, who has a federal criminal record along with convictions in Northern Territory and Queensland for violence, called his partner of 12 months names when she offered to make him a sandwich after he spent the day drinking on December 17, 2016.

He said Croft followed her back to a bedroom where he hit her repeatedly with a pillow then punched her in the jaw.

“She started gathering her belongings when he came up behind her and put her in a headlock,” Mr Slack said.

He said the victim was unable to breath for 30 seconds and he only released his grip when a housemate intervened.

Judge Michael Burnett had ordered Croft to a suspended sentence - along with probation and community service - in February due to Croft being the sole carer of his three children, two with disabilities, after their mother died.

On Friday, the court heard Croft refused to provide samples for drug testing to which Judge Burnett concluded to mean he was still using drugs.

Crown prosecutor Edward Fleetwood said Croft had been negative and aggressive towards probation officers, over the phone and in person.

Defence lawyer Scott Moon said Croft had a personality conflict with the probation officer.

Judge Burnett revoked the probation and community service orders, resentencing Croft to nine months prison with immediate parole.

“You have anger management issues. I can’t stop you from being an idiot. I can’t stop you from behaving inappropriately,” he said.