A proposal for umpires to use a sin bin has been recommended in the review.
A proposal for umpires to use a sin bin has been recommended in the review.

CA review calls for umpires to send players to sin bin

CRICKET Australia has been urged to give umpires the powers to sin bin players for poor behaviour in Test, Sheffield Shield and grade matches.

The recommendation comes after The Ethics Centre's review into CA, which stated that Australian players had a reputation for "aggressive sledging", where behaviour that would "usually be described as bullying or harassment is used as an instrument of the game".

Overall, 42 recommendations were handed down in the report, with CA to implement - or have already implemented - 34 of them.

Seven, according to CA, are under consideration, including the ability for umpires to send players from the field, following at least one formal warning, for "set periods of time with immediate effect".

Under the recommendation, a player would be penalised for either:

•Continuous abusive sledging (after one warning)

•Deliberate breaches of the Laws of Cricket, or

•Deliberate conduct inconsistent with the Spirit of Cricket (after one formal warning).

In response, Cricket Australia said it already supported empowering umpires to take appropriate action, adding that it changed its code of conduct prior to The Ethics Centre's Review to capture sledging and, consequent, appropriate sanctions.

However CA said implementing the recommendation fully could be a challenge. While it is able to consult with the ICC, it doesn't have the ability to control international cricket regulations.

"This recommendation is under consideration and there are some challenges to implementation, such as CA not being responsible for, or in control of International Cricket, and the potential impact on the official status of matches in Australia (e.g. first-class cricket," CA said.

"CA will consult with relevant stakeholders - including the ACA, umpires and State and Territory Cricket Associations".

The report also recommended that umpires' formal assessment of sportsmanship of all grade, state and national teams "be published, along with the name of any player whose conduct the umpires deem to have been exemplary".

Again, CA said it was restricted in terms of international cricket as it can't directly control those kinds of awards.

However it did add that umpires report players for both good and bad behaviour, saying: "Poor behaviour which is the subject of a formal sanction is made public".