Ipswich Transit Centre
Ipswich Transit Centre David Nielsen

Crews put to work cleaning up squalid bus depot

THE cleaners moved into the Ipswich Transit Centre yesterday after the Transport Workers Union spotlighted its squalid state.

As The QT reported yesterday, the transit centre has declined since the floods with smashed glass and even congealed blood near the front door.

TWU state secretary Peter Biagini, who visited the dilapidated Bell St bus depot on Tuesday, returned yesterday to drive home the message.

"This derelict blood-stained facility is disgusting and we support drivers who do not want to use it," Mr Biagini said.

It appeared that part of the problem was being solved yesterday afternoon with cleaning crews descending on the transit centre.

Member for Ipswich Ian Berry said his government encouraged bus drivers to use the new facilities at Riverlink.

Meanwhile, Mr Berry said the Transport Minister would talk with TransLink about the future of the Ipswich Transit Centre.