Crews face difficult day with heat, wind and storms

TODAY is shaping up as a challenging one for firefighters across Ipswich and southeast Queensland.

An unseasonably warm day, combined with gusty winds and afternoon storms, will mean the fire danger rating remains elevated throughout the day.

"It's going to be a warm one," Meteorologist Kimba Wong said. "We're looking at a maximum of 33C, that's almost 8C above the September average."

It is also going to be windy.

"We've got a trough approaching from the west, and we're expecting quiet gusty northwesterly winds ahead of that," Ms Wong said.

And to close out the trifecta, there is also the possibility of a couple of storms on the horizon.

"It is not looking like there will be much rainfall with them. Most likely they'll be dry, gusty storms rolling through in the afternoon. And we can't rule out some hail around as well," Ms Wong said.

With these dry storms coming through, there's also a chance of dry lighting being an ignition source for starting fires.

"So quite challenging conditions in the southeast for firefighters today, reaching severe a little further inland through the Darling Downs and Granite Belt," Ms Wong said.

The heat, the wind and the storms will ease from tomorrow onwards.

"Temperatures will drop into the high 20Cs and it will be a little less windy, which should offer some relief to fire crews for the rest of the week."