A storm tore through Ipswich on Sunday causing an end to the Musketeers v Wests baseball game at Tivoli.
A storm tore through Ipswich on Sunday causing an end to the Musketeers v Wests baseball game at Tivoli. Rob Williams

'Crazy' storm ruins Ipswich hopes

COMING from Los Angeles, Ryan Torrey was blown away, almost literally, in today's dramatic Ipswich downpour.

"That storm was probably the craziest thing I've ever seen,'' the Ipswich Musketeers American import said.

"It went from 34 degrees to wind. The rain's going sideways and you can't see through it.''

Sadly, the deluge came at the worst possible time with Ipswich leading Wests 5-0 with two and a half innings contested at Tivoli.

Five completed innings were needed to constitute a baseball match.

After losing a tough stoush 1-0 on Friday night, the Musketeers were keen to enter the Christmas break with a redeeming victory.

However, the strong wind and heavy rain quickly dampened Ipswich's hopes of securing second spot ahead of Windsor moving into the new year.

"I think everybody has been kind of ticking each other off,'' Torrey said. "Everyone is playing good baseball.''

That includes Wests who were one of the first sides to tame Ipswich's powerful hitting line-up.

"They are capable of beating anybody in this comp,'' said Torrey who pitched on Friday night.

The experienced import said Wests' young pitcher threw an outstanding game.

"The 18-year-old kid, he threw really well,'' Torrey said. "He threw strikes, had a good breaking ball and kept us off balance.''

As for his important role on the mound, Torrey was positive about his progress.

"I'm starting to get some mid-season form and I'm starting to throw the ball a lot better than I did when I first got here.''

Reliable Sunday pitcher Dean Jones was keeping Wests under control when the storm arrived.

"He's been our ace,'' Torrey said. "He's had a lot of good wins for us.''

Torrey said the break came at a good time with some Musketeers players able to rest niggling injuries and "heal up''.

"We're definitely not worried about where we are going to end up,'' Torrey said.

"We've just got to clean up a few things coming into the new year.''

Ipswich's next match in the Major A competition is against Surfers Paradise at Beenleigh on January 11.

Before then, American visitor Torrey is hoping to spend some time at the beach or camping.

Last year he headed to Melbourne for the new year during his Christmas break playing for Ipswich.

"We'll put up a Christmas tree and try and pretend we are home,'' the affable American said.