Crash: Walters must meet Titans halfway

There are two key things Kevin Walters would need to get his head around if he throws his hat in the ring for the Gold Coast Titans coaching job.

Walters has said he would not apply for the job but things can change quickly in rugby league, especially because he and the Titans have the potential to be good for each other.

The Titans have had a rough decade but with passionate owners and cultural boss Mal Meninga committed to improving the club, they have the potential to improve quickly.

There are good things happening behind the scenes at the club but none of them will be noticed until the team starts winning.

One thing Walters would have to adjust to is initially lowering his assessment of what is a pass mark for the first season or two, compared to what his expectations were when he was playing for Canberra and the Broncos, and assistant coaching at the Broncos and the Storm.

A solid seventh or eighth place finish would be a huge leap forward for the Titans after going nine years without making the finals.

But seventh place finishes have never turned Walters on.

He played in six premierships and was coaching at the Storm when they won more silverware. He was never into building-block years so he would need to get used to the fact that all great journeys start with a small step.


The Titans ain’t the Broncos — but what else could they be? Image: Chris Hyde/Getty Images
The Titans ain’t the Broncos — but what else could they be? Image: Chris Hyde/Getty Images


And the second thing is that he has been spoiled with the luxurious resources of the Broncos and would need to adjust to the fact that the Titans don't have same huge level of off-field backing and resources of the Broncos.

Walters has said he will not be applying for the job and that is a smart move because, as they say in the business, they know where he is.

If the Titans feel he is the man for the job they will call him.

If they don't call him it is pointless applying for the job because he won't get it.

But if they do call him, the instant he answers the phone the balance of power in negotiations is slightly on his terms because it would be a sign they need him more than he needs them.

Des Hasler has shown at Manly this year that you don't have to have a whiz-bang list to get decent results so long as everyone pulls together.

His efforts should be an inspiration to the Titans as they look for the right coach to make them a unified force.