Dane Jacob Allen, 20, was found guilty on charges of being a public nuisance in Ipswich Magistrates Court.
Dane Jacob Allen, 20, was found guilty on charges of being a public nuisance in Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Cranky shopper in meltdown strife

A STROPPY shopper who lost his cool with another customer in a nasty temper tantrum, took off his shirt and tried to fight the man inside a local store.

Then when a woman tried to calm him down, the bad-tempered lad crashed his hand down hard onto the self-checkout register breaking it.

It was another incident of bad behaviour by the offender Dane Allen whose temper had previously brought him before the courts.

Appearing from jail via-video link for sentence, Dane Jacob Allen, 20, from Moore’s Pocket, acknowledged his anger and drug issues.

Allen pleaded guilty to wilfully damaging a cash register at Karalee on January 19; causing public nuisance at Moore’s Pocket on February 12; and being in possession of a dangerous drug at Moore’s Pocket on February 13.

Prosecutor, Sergeant Molinaro said anger control issues were an underlying feature of his conduct.

Sgt Molinaro said Allen became irate with another store customer and removed his shirt trying to engage the male in a fight.

And broke the register when a woman intervened.

Allen, however, later called the store to apologise.

In a separate incident police were called to a house in Moore’s Pocket when neighbours reported hearing the noise of someone smashing things and a person making threats to kill people.

Sgt Molinaro said that despite being a young man Allen had convictions for break and enter, burglary, wilful damage, serious assault, and dangerous driving, and had received jail penalties.

This included assaulting a corrective services officer while in jail.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough handed up medical documents saying the diagnosed issues such as ADHD and anxiety puts his poor behaviour in context.

Mr Fairclough said there were delays of five months for parole applications in Ipswich to be dealt with and in the circumstances he sought a suspended sentence.

Magistrate Terry Duroux said both the criminal and traffic histories of Allen were disgraceful “for someone so young”.

He said the drug charge involved him being seen by police putting something down his shorts which were tablets that he did not have a prescription for.

Mr Duroux said his father was in the courtroom and Allen was fortunate as many people did not have such parental support.

He said his behaviour inside the store was outrageous and the community would denounce such conduct.

Allen was convicted and sentenced to concurrent jail terms of five months and two months.

The sentence was suspended for two years because of the significant delays in parole applications being processed.

But due to his existing sentence Allen will remain in jail until a parole application for those unrelated offences is processed.