CQUniversity VC Prof Scott Bowman and Indonesian Presidential Advisor Suharso Monoarfa
CQUniversity VC Prof Scott Bowman and Indonesian Presidential Advisor Suharso Monoarfa Leighton Smith

CQUniversity looking to set up campus in Indonesia

LOCALLY founded CQUniversity continues to punch above its weight, revealing plans revealed to spread their wings and set up a campus in Indonesia.

The news came last week during a visit to the university's northern campus by an Indonesian Delegation which sought to explore CQUniversity's research into precision livestock management and agriculture, education and training.

Leading the delegation, Indonesian Presidential advisor Suharso Monoarfa said they had hoped to establish an Indonesian CQUniversity campus last year but due to complications, plans were pushed back, with construction now anticipated to commence in 2019.

"We welcome CQU to have their first campus outside of Australia," Monoarfa said

"Indonesia is the closest neighbour for Australia, it is better if they start there. We have to move on it."

The visit was part of his country's plan to increase cooperation and collaboration between universities to share knowledge to properly educate the next generation.

"There is a lot of lessons to learn from CQU by Indonesia," he said.

"We are extremely impressed by their engagement with communities and industry when it comes to teaching and research and we have taken a keen interest in their agricultural research," Mr Monoarfa said.

He said they were particularly interested in developing their understanding of animal husbandry, to satisfy the country's increasing appetite for beef and further develop their growing beef industry.

The group visited CQUniversity's Central Queensland Innovation and Research Precinct (CQIRP), the Belmont Research Station and the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange as part of a two-day tour of the region.

"We need to start looking at ways to better meet this demand in the future," Mr Monoarfa said.

"As well as relying on imported products, there is also a desire to adopt new advancements that could support local producers to increase productivity and improve quality.

"We are extremely grateful to be here in the Beef Capital, to engage with local industry and learn about CQUniversity's world-class research and course offerings."

CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor Professor Scott Bowman and had productive discussions about forging closer ties between the two countries.

"CQUniversity has been working closely with the Indonesian government for a number of years now to develop opportunities for international student recruitment and research and in the past 18 months we have been building even closer ties," Professor Bowman said.

"The delegation chose Rockhampton and CQUniversity for this tour, in order to discover what new advancements are being made in the agricultural research space and how these developments could assist producers in Indonesia to increase production, processing and efficiency.

They will also learn more about our Bachelor of Agriculture course and other related training pathways.

"We are extremely proud to host this distinguished international delegation in Rockhampton and we look forward to showcasing the region and our exciting, world-class agricultural research," he said.