FULL-TIME EFFORT: Malissa Moore has been looking for work for 12 months with little success.
FULL-TIME EFFORT: Malissa Moore has been looking for work for 12 months with little success. Mike Richards GLA070318JOBS

JOB STRUGGLE: Woman applies for 1000 jobs with no luck

SOMETIMES looking for work can be a full-time job.

No one knows that better than Malissa Moore.

The 41-year-old Tannum Sands woman has been looking for work non-stop for the past year and her best guess is she has submitted a thousand resumes over that period.

Despite having machinery qualifications and plenty of experience - including a seven-year stint as the retail manager at a local hotel - she has been unable to land even an entry-level gig.

"I'm applying mainly at mine sites, I've got the qualifications, but I'm also applying for cleaning roles - I'm willing to start right at the bottom," she said.

While acknowledging the end of the resources boom had affected job prospects across Gladstone, Ms Moore said having applied for so many positions she couldn't help but wonder if her age and experience might be a factor.

"Every (employment) pool asks what age group you are in before it accepts your resume," she said.

"And people out at the mines say they are crying out for women - but when I apply I don't hear back."

Ms Moore said she had revamped her resume three times, even enlisting help from a relative with HR experience to ensure it was written to a professional standard.

"It affects your self-esteem and your confidence... it affects everything," she said.

"You really miss the communication with other people.

"My partner comes home and he talks about his day, and I'm like 'Well, I did a load of washing'..."

All she hopes for now is that someone will give her a chance.

"The way I look at it, somebody at the age of 41 is probably a bit more reliable," she said.

"We've already had our children, we're ready to go!"


Leigh Zimmerlie, GAGAL's General manager, is working to help apprentices in Gladstone.
HERE TO HELP: GAGAL chief executive Leigh Zimmerlie. Luka Kauzlaric

Gladstone Area Group Apprentices Limited chief executive Leigh Zimmerlie agreed more mature women could add value to the workplace.

"Quite often there's a bit of maturity required for some roles," she said.

"That said, if employers are looking to put somebody on and that person is suited for the role, age really shouldn't come into it.

"My advice to people who have been looking for work for a long time and are not having much luck... is to mention to employers in the application (some of the) government incentives that are in place."

Employers in Central Queensland are eligible for an Employer Support Payment of $10,000 if they take on a jobseeker who was unemployed for more than four weeks.

That rises to $20,000 if the worker is aged between 15-24 (Youth Boost) or 55 and over (Mature Aged Worker Boost).