Central Queensland town roasted by popular Facebook page

A Central Queensland town has been labelled a "shit town" by a social media page with just under 290,000 followers, but a local politician has hit back at the claim.

The Shit Towns of Australia Facebook page has made fun of many Aussie towns, and the seaside destination of Yeppoon was one of their latest targets on May 12.

The page describes itself as "the foremost authority on shit towns of Australia" and their roasts often get a share of good and not-so-good feedback.

"Yeppoon couldn't decide whether it wanted to be a sleepy seaside village or a bustling tourist mecca so it did neither, resulting in a big fat nothing," the post read.

"The town is completely devoid of jobs so its few employed residents are forced to commute 40 minutes to Rockhampton, making it ideal for people who made a sea change so they could enjoy the mind-numbing boredom of living in a comatose coastal carbuncle but also still enjoy the soul-destroying tedium of driving to another town every day for a job they hate.

"The town is also overrun with silver-haired septuagenarians biding their time until someone lowers a pillow over their face with the comforting lap of the waves on the shore."

The Shit Towns of Australia Facebook page
The Shit Towns of Australia Facebook page


The post then goes on to label Yeppoon as a "second-rate Rockhampton" and says anyone who willingly lives there has "clearly given up on life."

But then it goes on to list some of the attractions the town has to offer.

"Nightlife in Yeppoon consists of getting some Yeppoontang at The Strand Hotel, passing out on the Keppel Kraken or pouring your pension into the pokies at the sailing club.

"The town's most popular feature is the Yeppoon Lagoon, up there with such other famous rhyming tourist attractions as the Bangkok Wok and the Innisfail Gaol.

"Another attraction is Shell World, housing 20,000 shells, which might prove fascinating if you are an old, old lady.

"Yeppoon is also home to an abandoned Japanese tourist resort that was welcomed to town in the 1980s in true redneck fashion: with a bombing by xenophobic locals.

"There is no affordable accommodation for backpackers, which is okay because no one under 80 wants to go there anyway.

"All things considered, the Yeppoonese have done an impressive job of turning a spectacular natural location into an all-round awful place."

Local Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga hit out against Shit Towns of Australia's comments on her own Facebook page, with a meme of former US president Barack Obama laughing with a caption "so some city slicker reckons Yeppoon's shit".

"It's incredibly unfair of the Shit Towns of Australia Facebook Page to label Yeppoon as 'shit'," Ms Lauga wrote.

"This is our home and we are so proud of it!"

Senator for Queensland Murray Watt then replied to Ms Lauga's post saying "Yeppoon Rocks!"

Rockhampton made the Shit Town Power Rankings list at number six on May 9, after an attempted armed robbery with a needle at a local pub.